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Mobile: You need to be the first dealership a buyer visits, so that you can hopefully be the last.
From your PC or Tablet to your customers phones, iDriver has you covered with one seamless product.


iDriver loads fast and look gorgeous on mobile.

iDriver is it's own App with simple navigation.

Swipe Technology or simple scroll features.

Simple share features to populate social media.

Vehicle Content is saved.
Each issue is a click away.

iDriver Presents turn into a Native Mobile App with great built in features. It's beautiful but simple to use. You don't have to download it through a third party store. In the customers e-mail box simply touch the cover, its opens and converts into it's our multifunctional, multimedia and interactive app, flawlessly .

Lightning fast, beautiful, engaging with amazing functionality, versatility all in one mobile product.
iDriver Presents brings your brand and product lines to life!

Mobile Marketing

The Takeaway

1.) This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: you have to design for mobile and figure out a strategy to get that into the hands of your customers. If your marketing isn’t tailored to mobile users, you’ve already lost the 18 percent of vehicle shoppers who only use mobile devices and the 53 percent of vehicle shoppers who use multiple devices and we have both of those issues covered with iDriver Presents.

2.) In addition, keeping your customers engaged with a dynamic mobile product that is proactively sent to your customers is key. There are lots of products that are reactive, that is when a customer begins looking for a vehicle they need to find an app and download it to search. Distribution is key. Having a great mobile friendly product delivered to your customers each month increases your chances of keeping you customer and developing new ones.

3.) Think With Google revealed that half of all car shoppers with mobile devices use their smartphones while at the dealership. These shoppers are on the lot and have chosen a vehicle, but they want to make sure they’re getting a deal. They’re looking at competing dealerships and Kelley Blue Book to see if they can get a better offer.

4.) Today’s customer is much different than customers of the recent past.  This means you can conquest shoppers from other dealerships, while from their phones – and they can conquest shoppers from you. Think about how you can catch them with marketing that speaks to their current needs. Customers are no longer headed to dealerships to find out the information they need. They’re spending all of their time (or at least most of their time) searching for vehicles online and making their decisions before they even consider heading to a dealership.

5.) You have to adjust your digital marketing strategy to meet the demands of shoppers and the marketing industry. If you fall behind on any of these trends, you will give your competition the opportunity to advance. Shoppers are visiting fewer and fewer dealers before purchasing a vehicle and if you’re not one of the 1.4 dealerships the average shopper visits, you’re out of luck. You need to be the first dealership they visit, so that you can hopefully be the last.

7.) Start with a plan and make sure you’re consistently monitoring it to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what strategies you could include that might boost your results.

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