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iDriver Presents is Designed to Outperform all others.
We tell your Products Stories with Rich Content, HD Video and more
at affordable prices month in and month out.

Automotive Digital Mobile Marketing plays an even more critical role in our automotive retail world today. We found that out in the pandemic where our business grew 150%.
Great unique digital marketing makes a difference in finding new customers and keeping your valued customer who have bought from you already engaged for more.

A digital up is a stone cold buyer when they walk onto your lot and what’s even better, a digital buyer’s gross is significantly higher for the dealer than a non digital up.

We know these customers have done their homework and spent many hour researching and they are ready to buy. Our job is to get them into your showroom first.

We Blow up your CRM and Drive Amazing Qualified Traffic to Your Websites
and Turn it into a Money Making Machine. The Proof is in the Data.

Today, almost all customers have done their research before walking onto your lot.
They have found the car, the price and come in with their smartphones and want to buy, NOW!

iDriver Presents Loves Bringing New Products Like the Newly Redesigned
2024 Land Cruiser to your Customers with Outstanding Branded Content.

Each Issue is Specifically Tailored to Each Individual Dealership.
Explore Below the Bespoke Differences in Similar Issues .

iDriver Presents is


Just look at our numbers above and below and this recent e-mail blast with a huge open rate,
click thru rate and viewed by of some of the toughest people ever to get their attention:
dealership GM's and owners. We get people's attention and money flows to attention.

Issues are OEM Compliant and eligible for Co Op and include HD Video.

iphone Toyota Land Cruiser

iDriver has a 62.5% average Open Rate on mobile for your customers, 2.2 visits per customer per issue, plus averages 22 page views per visit and 7.3 minutes per session is beautiful and works flawlessly on mobile.

iDriver has an Extensive Library of New and Legacy Templates.

iDriver presents LC Convertible February issue
Stand Alone Dealer Points
iDriver present Jaguar and Land Rover Clearwater issue
Luxury and Ultra Luxury Dealer Groups
Combined Domestic & Import Dealer Groups
Showcase Your Newest Models with HD Video

A winning digital media strategy is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Designed to be intuitive, beautiful and seamless, the iDriver digital marketing experience has been designed from the ground up with your dealership branding and reputation in mind. iDriver is Automotive Mobile & Digital advertising at it’s best. iDriver was conceived for mobile and built from the ground up for mobile. iDriver is designed to look beautiful and work seamlessly on today’s high retina displays and across all mobile devices, PC and Laptops to enhance the consumer’s experience. Now is the time to take the next step and build your mobile audience and bring your digital marketing efforts to the next level. iDriver delivers.


We Excel with Auto Groups..There is Quality and Savings in Numbers.

Ken Hudson, Owner of Omni Advertising in Boca Raton, FL and Owner in the Jim Hudson AutoGroup:

"iDriver consistently delivers exceptional results month after month, making them one of our most highly regarded vendors. Their products and stellar customer service consistently stands out as one of the best offerings to our customer base, fostering continuous engagement across our entire Auto Group." "Our Automotive Advertising Agency, Omni, regularly 'White Labels' iDriver for many of our valued Dealership and Auto Groups clients we represent with outstanding results year in and year out."

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