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About Us

About Us:

iDriver was founded in 2010 in the middle of the Great Recession by Robert Ready. I had been in Direct mail for 15 years and it was dead at this time. My love of computers and creativity was to play a key role in creating a whole new product as necessity and paying your bills is truly the mother of invention This idea came to me in a flash and I became obsessed with making it work relentlessly 18 hours a day. There was no other company or business I knew of doing anything like this. at this time but there also wasn't Wifi like there is today to go out and present. The growing pains were real.

I was the first automotive App in the Apple iPad and iPhone app store with this product but as Apple became more and more like working with the mob, we decided to build our own web apps which today work far better than the Apps in any app store.

Every step of the way we tried to get better, faster, including the inclusion of video and audio as well. My thanks to the dealers who had a vision with us, stuck by us and helped us grow to where we are today. This vision and the tenacity to stick with it has made us the successful Automotive Digital Marketing Company we are today.

And today we go head to head with mega companies in referral traffic to dealers websites and in head to head match ups we consistently beat Facebook ads, Google search, AutoTrader,, Edmunds, CarGurus and the rest.

Robert Ready / Developer / Founder / CEO
iDriver Presents

iDriver Presents PC view of issues

iDriver Presents Marketing provides a full complement of automotive, digital and mobile marketing services for all types of dealers and large dealer groups, thanks to our years of experience within the automotive space, and a wide range of marketing expertise, we give your customer exceptional work each month that functions to drive your ROI based on Data Driven Content. It's work you cn be proud of, your dealership can be proud of and your customers will appreciate. Its a dedication to excellence and being data nerds that makes us unique. We are Better by Design and Designed to Drive Traffic .

We are a rapidly-growing company that’s headquartered in Irvine, Ca and deep in the California Car Culture. We are known throughout the industry and high profile Automotive CEOs to Presidents of Automotive Companies for our outstanding quality in our work and design that get you amazing measurable results. We have featured interviews with the CEO of Lamborghini, McLaren and former President of Rolls-Royce in our issues along with Automotive News Best #1 Dealers to work for.

Also a very special shout out to Cedric Davy who saw our vision. Cedric was Chief marketing director of #1 Lamborghini dealership in the US in Newport Beach. He launched us in Southern Ca. Forever grateful. Cedric Davy is now COO of Bugatti USA. Talent sees other Talent.

Today we have an amazing team of dedicated specialists from around the US and have partnered with Ad Agencies to use our platform and templates to White Label work for them as well.

A California Automotive Digital Media Company